Tập san số 12

Trang Tiếng Anh
Ngày cập nhật: 11/10/2010

 Last summer, I and my family went to Combodia. We did a lot of things like: ate Combodia’s food, visited Angkor wat,… Combodia’s mamut looked like Ben Thanh market. I bought presents for my friends there. Next day, we went to Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom. There were many visitors. Angkor Wat is very beautiful and old. We stayed at Siem riep and Pnom Penh for 5 days and 4 nights. I came home with happiness. What about you? What did you do?

                           Khanh Linh – Class 5/7
My great time
To celebrate my cousin came back to Vietnam for a long month from Singapore, my big family went to Mom Đa Chim Resort at Phan Thiet. When we came to the resort, we chose to take a rest first. Next, we made lunch ourselves and ate the lunch. We played cards from 1:00 pm to 4.00 pm. But we felt bored and played football outside our rooms. After that, we went out and ate buffet. We slept late that night.
We woke up late so the buffet was over. But there were still some food. Most of them melted and softer. We decided to swim next. Adults swam, too. We ate lunch and continued swimming. Somebody in my family had taken a rest or watched us swimming. It was dark. We stopped swimming and ate fried chicken. We played football to midnight.
It was the last day of our vacation. We sunbathed or swam on the beach. Our dad played football with my cousin on the beach, too. We swam in the pool again and again with happy faces. In the afternoon, we went back to Ho Chi Minh city. We said goodbye to each other and tried to sleep early.
Just 3 days at Phan Thiet, but I had the funniest, most exciting and interesting vacation of my life.
Phuong Trinh – Class 4/6
My family
Hello! My name’s Linh. I’m in class 4/2. Now I tell you about my family. There are 7 people in my family:. Mother, father, sister… Mother and father sometimes go to the supermarket. I and my sister play at home. I and my sister watch TV, dance and play with toys. My grandmother goes to work. My father goes to work, too. My uncle goes fishing. My grandfather goes to celebrate wedding, birthday, do exercise… And I love family!
                              Phuong Linh – Class 4/2
My summer
My summer was fantastic. I went to Hue visited my grandma. Then I went to Singapore for 3 days. Then I went to school, my school was clean and sterilize. When I was back to school the world had to face with H1N1 flu. Everyday I had to wear a mask. I love my school because all the teachers have done a lot to protect us from H1N1 flu.
                            Bao Ngoc – Class 5/7
My greatest summer
Last summer, I had lots of fantastic things. First, my mom gave birth to a baby. She is my baby sister. Her name is Nhu Hao. She is very cute and pretty. Second, I won the art price of British Council competition. My mom was very happy and she gave me a holiday with family in Vung Tau and Phan Thiet. Last thing was my brother pass the entrance examination to my school: Le Ngoc Han school. My parents were very happy. We went to Ai Hue restaurant to celebrate. It was the greatest summer ever.
                                    Hong Han – Class 5/7
My ugly Dragon
Once upon a time, there was a dragon. It was so ugly and it never went out. The King an Queen were very dissappointed about him. Until one day, he met an old man. He said: “I want to have a dragon to take care of my house”. The dragon heard what he said and turned into a dog to follow him. He tried to be dead so the man could rescuse him. When he opened his eyes, he was in the man’s house. Then, he turned into a dragon again. The man was surprised and kept the dragon. The dragon wrote English words on a paper. The man read it and turned him into a beautiful dragon and the dragon promised to look after his house.
                                 Linh Dan – Class 2/6
My memorible summer
Last summer I went to many beautiful places, but I love Dalat best. There I can see a lot of sightseeing and lakes. I like swimming, so I swam in the pool every morning, eventhough it was cold. I woke up very early to see the sun rise. After that I went to the restaurant for lunch. At night, I watched TV and slept at my hotel. The next day, I climbed Langbiang mountain and went to Dalat Golf. After five days we said Goodbey to Dalat. I asked my parents : “ Next year could we go back to Dalat please ?”
                                     Kim Long – Class 4/7
I like to eat popcorn, so my pet is called Popcorn. That’s a very big dog with four legs, two large ears and one black face. It’s very cute. Popcorn likes to play with balls and me. Every day before I go to school, it barks loudly as it wants to say goodbye with me.I always ask my parents that I could carry it to school,because I love it
                                Phương Anh – Class 3/6
My family
This is a small family. My father is a bussiness man. He’s tall and kind. My mother is a bussiness woman, too. She’s not tall, but she’s pretty. They are very busy, but they never forget us, their children. Those are my older brother, my older sister and I. My brother is a pilot. My sister and I are students. On weekend we usually go to visit my grandmother and go shopping. Sometimes we go to the restaurant. We live together happily.
                                        Tâm Uyên – Class 5/1
My best friend
She’s not in my class. Her name is Hong Han. She study in class 5/7. She has long black hair and lovely eyes. She always wears dresses or skirts and blouse. She’s a typical student. In all subjects she always gets 10 marks. Badminton is her favorite sport. She got a lot of medals. We’re in the sport team of district. We usually have great times together.
                              Phương Dung – Class 5/1
Mid Autumn
 We usually enjoy “Mid Autumn” holiday at home. In my grandmother’s house there is a big garden, so every year my family and my relatives always come there to play on the “Mid Autumn” day. We eat Moon Cake, drink tea or juice and play with landers. We talk together. We look at the bright moon and listen to my grandmother’s legends. 
                                Thien Phuong – Class 5/1
First day of school
My first day of school was three years ago. My mom held my hand and we came in my class. My teacher’s name was Nhâm. She was very virtous. When I looked at her, I wanted to study immediately. At the first time, I learn at a primary school, everything around me was strange. We studied a lot of subjects math, science, Vietnamese, English … My favorite subject is English because it’s very interesting. I love everything of this class. And that school year passed very fast. I became a good student.
                                   Than Thien – Class 4/5
About me 
I’m Minh Phu. I’m eight years old. I study in class 3/6. Lê Ngọc Hân is the name of my school. It stays on Suong Nguyet Anh Street, District 1. I like turtles and I have 5 turtles at home. Every day I go to school from 7:oo a.m.At school I study a lot of subjects. After school I play sports. My favorite sport is badminton. On weekend my parents and I usually go to Phu Quốc beach, because they work there. I want to be an excellent student.
                                      Minh Phu – Class 3/6
My last summer
My last summer was the greatest one in my life. I went to Vinpear Land in Nha Trang. I went there by boat. There was a beautiful beach and a lot of squirrels. At night, we went to catch squirrels and we had a lot of fun. Then we went to see the show of water music. In the next beautiful morning, we went to the pool and on the roller coaster. After that we went to the hotel to check out and say good bye Nha Trang.
                                Toan Thang – Class 5/7
A wonderful vacation
In the summer, my family and I had a wonderful vacation at Phan Thiet. I stayed in the Seahorse Resort. In the morning the sun woke up and shined through my window. The clouds were bright blue and passed over the beach. A lot of birds flew in the sky. Everybody woke up and went swimming very early. The beach is very clean and clear. After that they played and swam in the swimming pool of our resort. The pool is big and very beautiful. At the bottom it has a dolphin picture.
Staying in the resort, I feel happy and quiet. I like Phan Thiet. I think my family will come there again. And you can come too, because it is not expensive.
                          Thien Huong – Class 3/6
My summer vacation
I like summer because in summer I don’t go to school. This summer, my family went to Nha Trang city. That was a beautiful city. I stayed at Vinpearland. The hotel had a big playground. I swam in a swimming pool,played table-tennis. The park next to my hotel was not larger than the playground. It had a slide, a swing and many toys. From the hotel I went to Nha Trang city by telpher. I took a mud-bath and a mineral spring. My family ate a sweet snail, small edible snail, sea snail and jelly-fish. At the last night, I could not sleep and the next morning I came back to HCM city. It’s time to go to school. I miss Nha Trang very much.
                            Nhat Ha – Class 4/6
My teacher
My teacher’s name is Minh. She is beautiful. She has an oval face, black eyes, tall and short hair. She always smiles with us and teachers me a lot of subjects. She is a good teacher. She always helps us when we had problems. I love her as my second mother. When I go to school, I want to see her everyday. I have to study hard to make her happy.
                            Gia Han – Class 4/2
My summer
Last summer was the best summer I have ever had. My parents took me and my sister to Da Nang. I went there by plane and stayed there for four days. I had a lot of fun. On the first day, I visited Hoi An, my mom took a lot of photos. In the evening, I went to the beach and swam a lot. I made a sand castle with my bucket. After that, I made some sand balls and threw them to my dad and sister. My mom sat on the beach and looked at us playing together. The next day, the tour guide took us to Cu Lao Cham island. It took about 2 hour to go there by boat. The beach there is very clean with fresh air and white sand. But it was really hot on that day. The water was so great, and I could see my feet under the water. On the third day, I went to Baø Naø hills by cabble car. They took us to the top and I saw a lot of interesting things. You could see flowers and more strange butterflies. At night, we had a party at a pool, named: “Gala night dinner”. My dad sang and danced a lot. We had buffet there and enjoyed fashion show. Someone pushed my dad and he fell down into the water so he got wet. That was fun, really! We left Da Nang on the next day.
                            Thanh An – Class 5/7
Travelling to America
Hello everybody ! I had a good time in NewYork with my family. There were a lot of surprise . The air is so   fresh. First day we visited Hollywood, we came to the world movie studio. Second day we went to the Disneyland, there I played many games, I saw a lot of cartoon characters, they are very fantastic. We took a lot of photos. We met our relation. Ten days in America is really fantastic. I can open my mind widely.
                                     Tri Dung – Class 4/3
Important things
You don’t know how much I love my school. Do you?
Today is a new day , and I go to school after a long summer holiday. My class is 4/7. Every day I study many subjects like English, math, music… And my favorite subject is English , because my English teacher is very nice and she always teaches us some new songs and new lessons . So I love her very much. I think I never change my love for her and for my shool , too . My school is very small, but it has many trees , so I can breathe fresh air every morning . Perhaps , I can’t live without friends and school.
                                    Bao Chau – Class 4/7
 A happy day
I have one brother. His name is Bi. He’s very cute. I love my brother but he doesn’t love me. Every day he hits me. And yesterday I hit him. He cried and said : “You don’t love me, I’ll hit you.” I was angry with him and I didn’t say any words with him, so he cried and shouted : “I’m sorry. I love you.” . That made me very happy.
                             Khanh Phuong – Class 3/6
A special neighbour
Who I’m writing about is my neighbour. She’s not only my neighbour but also my best friend. Her name’s My. I like her because she understands me. She’s always next to me when I need her. She always makes me happy . She’s not beautiful, but she’s very kind. We’ve been friends for a long time. Every afternoon we walk the dogs. Sometimes we go to the cinema or supermarket. We talk together about every thing. .I hope our friendship is stable forever.        
                                Khanh Minh – Class 5/1
My parrot                                                                                                              
Hello I’m Nhan. I study in class 3/8. I have one pet. That’s a parrot. Its name is Angel. It’s green, red and yellow. It’s very beautiful. It can speak English. When the guests come, it says “Hello”. I hope it can speak English as well as me.
                            Thien Nhan – Class 3/8
I love my school                                        
My name’s Quoc Dat. I’m a pupil at class 3/5 in Le Ngoc Han Primary School. My school stays on a small street, named Nguyeãn Trung Tröïc. My school yard isn’t rather big, but it’s very clean. My classroom is on the first floor. I study a lot of subjects at school such as English, math, Vietnamese, music, science …. My favorite subject is math because I like to learn about the interesting numbers . And I also want to be a math teacher in the future. Every day I go to school with happiness. I have many friends at school. My class always has a lot of fun. I love my school, my teachers, my friends and my parents.
                                      Quoc Dat – Class 3/5
A wonderful vacation
 This summer my family and I went to Hong Kong. The best thing I liked is DisneyLand. It’s colourful. There were a lot of beautiful places. We went to the world of pirate, there are 9 big boats and a big treasure. Some pirates looked very ugly, short and they had big mouths. A big sea in DisneyLand had a lot of fish such as sharks, whales, dolphins, sailfish … they swam very fast and lovely. I like this summer.
                                     Tuan Nghi – Class 3/6
Where can you go in summer ?
Most of people usually go to the beach in summer. Some people like climbing the mountain. But I like going to Đam Sen Park. Why? Because you’ll feel excited and happy when you go there. In Đầm Sen Park you can play seesaw, swings, car racing, riding a bike …… you can watch 3D-film, enjoy the snow, swim in the water park. Beside that there’s a small zoo with many animals such as elephants, bears, goats, crocodiles, monkeys snakes …. There you can find a lot of food and beverage if you’re hungry and thirsty. The important thing is that you can save your money because going to Đầm Sen Park is cheaper than other places. I want to have a school trip there.
                                Quynh Tram – Class 4/6
My lovely pet   
That is a rabbit .   
It is very cute .
Carrots and vegetables
They are its favorite food.
It always hops hops .
When I am at school,
I worry about it .
It is very naughty.
But I love it.
          Hien Quoc – Class 5/1
A cat is my pet.                                                                                                         
Its name is Lulu.      
It has yellow fur.                                                          
It likes eating fish.                                                          
Run, jump and play,                                                                                                                                                          
These are its habits.                                                                                                         
                   Thien Quang – Class 3/8
On the first day of school
I met my old friends. We talked to each other,
about our summer vacation. We played together.
My friends and I, we laughted a lot. I like to go to school.
Bao Minh – Class 3/5
A funny story “ Because Absent”                 
Grandmother : - Why didyou get low score in your final test ?
Tom           : - Because of absence.
Grandmother : - You mean you were absent on that day ?
Tom           : - No, but Chris the boy sits next to me was absent.
                              Gia Man – Class 4/3
Goodbye Summer !                                                                                                                                           
Hello Autumn !                                                                             
What do you have ?                                                          
I have “Mid Autumn”.                                                 
I have mooncake .                                                                 
I have lunge .                                                                      
I have games .                                                                             
Do you like them ?                                                                  
          Gia Man – Class 4/3                                                  
At school
After three months of vacation
I come back to school
Everything looks new
But they are still familiar
I meet my classmates,
My teachers, my nannies
Old and new
I am very excited.
School is always wonderful .
             Minh Ngôn – Class 4/5

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